The period pantry has been a huge blessing to have at our school. The girls are utilizing the sanitary products as needed. They appear to be grateful, and they only take what they need for school and home.

Mrs. Williams, School Social Worker

How It Works

If you are a Tulsa area school and would like to support your students with a Period Pantry, we would love to help!

  • Fill out the short application below.
    You will need: contact information for person heading up the program and number of mensurating age students.
  • Wait for us to reach out.
    We will either make arrangements for your period pantry or let you know your school is on the wait list.
  • We drop off your period pantry and extra products to refill it.
    The pantry must be in a public restroom. Someone at your school is in charge of restocking the pantry.
  • Fill out a short survey about three months after getting your period pantry.
  • Be responsive to emails and communicate your needs.
    We check in with you every 60-90 days to deliver more products.
    You are welcome to reach out if you need more products before then.

It's that easy!

Apply For A Period Pantry