Grassroots To Nonprofit

The Tulsa Period Pantry started with a simple call for help answered, and poured over. A local teacher reached out to our founder, Cassie, to share an urgent need for period supplies for her students. After research, however, it was found that not only were supplies limited or nonexistent for girls in this situation, but the need in our city was drastic. Our first product drive led to such abundant support as well as such clear confirmation of the issue, that we couldn’t
help but step in.

In August of 2022 the Tulsa Period Pantry was born and already serving 11 schools that had requested support. With requests continuing to pour in as well as supplies constantly being needed, our founder turned to prayer to determine the best steps for the pantry. After deliberation and time with God, she decided to apply for nonprofit status and on December 9th, 2022 we were granted declared a non-profit, with tax exemption 501(C)3 status being granted in February
of the next year.

We are now working on connecting with even more schools, businesses, and organizations to continue to raise awareness, support, and resources to expand and serve the girls of our community.
Tulsa Period Pantry now also has a working board. One in four girls miss school due to not having period products. This is too many. We believe in our mission to change this for our community in order to provide a lifelong impact!

At Tulsa Period Pantry, we strive to create a world where menstruation is not a barrier to education, work, or well-being. Through our period product distribution programs, reusable period product initiatives, and inclusive and accessible education programs we aim to end period poverty.

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Cassie Celestain
President & CEO

Laura Altom
Vice President

Jensen Bloom

Brandi Duvall

Sarah Logsdon

Natalie Burke

Alyssa Campos

Samantha Crowell

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