Online Cash Donation

Make a quick, easy online monitary donation with no additional fees. With these donations we buy bulk items and host community events.

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Amazon Wish List

Simply order something off of our wish list for it to be delivered straight to us. If you would like a tax deductible receipt just email us and we will send one your way.

Drop Off Products

If you like to find deals, you can shop for the products yourself. Looking on clearance racks, browsing overstock stores or shopping bulk at a membership store are all good options. Then simply drop them off at one of our partner locations across town.


  • Pads (of all sizes)
  • Tampons (of all sizes)
  • Liners (individually wrapped)
  • Feminine Wipes


  • Menstrual Cups
  • Period Panties (of all sizes)
  • Cloth Pads
  • Makeup Bags (new or gently used)

Volunteer At Our Storeroom

There are times that we need support in our storeroom. Help us count, sort and organize products. This is good for small groups up to 10 people currently.

Deliver To Schools

As we grow the number of partner schools we support we will need people who are willing to make deliveries to schools. Maybe it's one school near where you live or maybe you can deliver to a handful. Let us know you are willing.

Have Other Ideas?

If there is something we haven't mentioned yet, but you feel could support Tulsa Period Pantry, please let us know!


We would love to attend or speak at your next event! Share the information with us on the contact page. We will do our best to attend.


We love to partner with businesses! Reach out to us on the contact page to let us know your thoughts.

Are you a school needing a period pantry?

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